DESTROYED HUMAN RADIO HOUR: July 2018 (chapter one)


“Who’s Laughing Now?” A decade of Deathpile’s “GR”


I talked about the movie “Maniac” earlier on this blog. About how it was basically a horrendous story, a grotesque and horrific misogynistic character at its core performing gruesome and despicable acts – and about how the success of the film was to make the viewer feel implicated in the action so as to feel the full horror. For convenience’s sake because it operates and affects me in much the same way that film (and the original version) did, let’s refer to Deathpile’s “GR” as pretty much the audio equivalent. Only more so. Because it’s based around a true story of utter horror, which makes it all the more frightening.

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Irkallian Oracle vs Ritual Bullshit


Irkallian Oracle, Oberhausen, Sep 2014


It was in an appallingly hot basement  club in Oberhausen, Germany. The upstairs bar was all candlelit, and the descent down the stairs into the room where bands played felt Dante-esque anyway, but that sweltering musical sauna that you entered really became unbearable, an endurance test, helped little by the fact that I was obscenely hungover from drinking two bottles of cheap red wine on a street outside of a police station til the early hours with some friends.

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Psychology & Extreme Violence: The strange world of Unyielding Love

“Have you seen these guys before Ellie?”

“Not yet”

“Fuck. Okay. Brace yourself”.

And lo behold, less than five minutes after I’ve said that, my friend and I are watching Richard Carson of Unyielding Love scream into a contact mic’d handsaw. Which he is also attacking with an angle grinder, thus sending sparks all over the tiny, packed venue.

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I’m reluctant for the most part to refer to “Found” as a horror film per se, at least partially because I feel like that a film like this has a little more going on on one hand, and will alienate many of the die hard gore heads on the other. Like “Thanatomorphose” which I talked about the other day, it’s both slightly artier and a great deal slower paced than the average slash n’ gash affair, and the fact that the bloodshed in it is actually fairly minimal (though the few times it comes up, it’s pretty nuts) should be made clear from the start. Unlike “Thanatomorphose” though, I’ve no reservations about praising this film.


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